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The Ryan Ingram FAQ

1.0 - General Questions, Vital Stats, etc.

1.0.1 - Whos Tetsuo Shima?

Tetsuo Shima is a character from an anime called Akira

1.0.2 - Who is Konatsu Kenzan?

Konatsu Kenzan is a character from a manga series called Ranma

1.0.3 - I want some hardcore facts!

Thats not a question

DOB - 07/05/82

AGE - Use the subtraction skills you learned in school

WEIGHT - uh... err... im not very concerned with my weight, so checks are infrequent

HEIGHT - short

2.0 - Anime, anime, ANIME!!

2.0.1 - Anime, err.. should I ask what that is?

Dont ask me! I just work here..

ANIME (an - uh - may) n. - Japanese animation

2.0.2 - What is your favorite anime?

I like most that i see

2.0.3 - Who is your favorite character?

The guy with the sword of course! The cutest girl? The one with weird colored hair!

3.0 - Misc stuff, and the kitchen sink

Well, I am just a regular 10th grade guy.. I guess? I go to Lincoln High

School in Des Moines, IA.. its a great school... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!!!

A picture of me, taken by me!

My 97/98 school picture

Have I embarrased myself enough yet?