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Tetsuo's bad art page

Hello, welcome to my bad art page... I dunno if this would be classified as 'fan art' because its basically my own characters. Call it what you want, though, its bad!

Whenever I mention I like to draw, people say "lemme see!" so I guess I should start a page. Most of these drawings take less than 10 minutes to draw. Also, they are all in pencil because I suck with color, I always make it look bad! =(

Well, if your still wanting to see my crappy pictures.. here ya go

[One of my characters with a sword made of fire]
Picture 1, a quick sketch of him swinging his sword - 30k
Picture 2, a redone version of Picture 1 - 46k
Finished picture of the two above - 94k
Picture 3, the guy is beat up and the wind is blowing - 16k
Picture 4, the original design for that cool guy - 14k

Picture 5, a double shot of him, one with two guns, and one with a staff - 14k

[Misc. Character designs]
Picture 5, some guy with a backpack - 39k
The essential Self Portrait - 14.5k

More to come soon! I hope.. maybe..

Someone said something actually kinda nice about my art! =)

ME- its kinda comicy
-- I kinda like it, actually.
ME- nah
-- yeah, it's comicy.. it's not detailed but it holds your interest...
-- I actually like the style... not clumsy and beefy
ME- clumsy? beefy?
-- yeah, like big strong comic-muscle guy crap.
ME- i wanted this guy not to be buff
-- the guy you drew is a sorta gaunt geeky-looking guy with an amorphous sword.
-- yeah... I think it's cool that way.
ME- and.. sunglasses!

Email me about these pics..

Or, try something pretty neat, my other page that I'm halfway proud of..

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