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The Vision of Escaflowne
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Anime, the Drinking Game!

[General / Misc.]-[El Hazard]-[Neon Genesis Evangelion]-[Blue Seed]-[Vampire Princess Miyu]

General / Misc.

Every time a sweat drop appears bigger than somebody's hand, take 2 drinks.

Every time someone calls someone else a bastard, take a drink.

Every time someone gets hit and they fly up into the sky until they can not be SEEN anymore... take 2 drinks.

Whenever someone's eyes get really big and their pupils get really small, take a drink .

Whenever your watching dubbed, and the english stops, but the persons' lips keep moving for more than 3 seconds, take 2 drinks.

Whenever someone has a gun bigger than THEM, take a drink.

Every time someones eyes look like black rainbows take a drink.

Everytime you're watching subtitled and you hear the person say something different in japanese than is said at the bottom of the screen (assuming you know japanese) take 3 drinks.

If you're watching anime that's from the 80s and you didn't even know it, take a drink.

If somebody gets a grenade in the face and lives, take a drink.

Everytime Nuku Nuku says "papa-san" instead of "sensai" take a drink.

Everytime you're watching The Hakkenden, and you think "What the hell is going on?", take a drink.

Whenever you see the ending to an anime that's drawn super-deformed and/or drawn on crumpled pieces of paper, take a drink.

Everytime Macross (SDF-1) fires the cannon, drink the whole bottle!

Any time any sort of mech blows up, take a drink.

Each time you see a chick or chick villian with hair all the way down, or below, her butt take 2 drinks. If its a guy, take 4.

Whenever someone crys or whines like a baby, take 2 drinks.

Whenever someone puts their right hand on the back of their head and mades a stupid grin or laughs, take a drink.

Whenever a chick has big, stupid hearts popping out of thier eye sockets, take 3 drinks.

When someone gives a peace or victory sign, take a drink.

Whenever you see the sight of female's underwear, take a drink. If you see some breasts, take 2 drinks.

Anytime Tokyo/NeoTokyo blows up, take 2 drinks.

Anytime anything blows up and it shouldn't (rocks, trees, concrete wall, etc.), take a drink.

Everytime your watching Robotech and you think "Thank God Minmei isn't singing right now", take a drink.

Everytime your watching Space Cruiser Yamato and somebody mentions that the earth only has one year to live, scream "SHUT _UP!_" and take a drink.

Whenever there's obviously bad translation, burn a little voodoo doll of Carl Macek, and take a drink.

Everytime a person's face is frozen in terror or pain take a drink.

Whenever a girl acts too damn cute, that you feel like you are getting a cavity, take two drinks (to numb the pain).

Whenever someone sticks out their tongue, or pulls down an eyelid, take a drink ( two if they do both at the same time).

When somebody is bleeding more blood then the normal human body can possibly hold, take two drinks.

Whenever someone uses their dying breath to feeblely whispers a loved ones name, take one drink. Drink another shot if the person named responds by screaming out the dead person's name.

Whenever you see a girl with a short skirt, take a drink, two if it's REALLY short, and five if it's a guy.

Whenever you see somebody eat something bigger that their head, take a drink.

Every time someone leaps away from an attack JUST IN TIME to get missed take a drink.

Unrestrained panic by a young female take 2 drinks.

If there is a sudden intervention by an unknown character take 3 drinks.

When you start ACTING like an anime character, don't drink anymore!! You've had WAY too much!!

Whenever someone gets a HUGE bloody nose from viewing any nudity, drink.

El Hazard

Everytime Fujisawa drinks, you drink the same amount as him

Everytime Miz talks about her and Fujisawa's wedding, drink a shot

Everytime Ura says a word twice or says "hmm?", drink a shot

Everytime Jinnai laughs for more than 10 seconds, drink a shot

Everytime Jinnai gives another bugrom a human name, drink a shot

Everytime Alielle comes on to another female, drink a shot

Everytime Alielle thinks Makoto is Fatora again, drink a shot

Everytime Shayla-Shayla's eye twitches when she gets mad, drink a shot

Everytime Nanami and Shayla argue over Makoto, drink a shot

Whenever Ifurita has to be "wound up" like a toy, drink a shot

Whenever Rune Venus stands on her balcony looking forlorn, take a drink

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Every time Shinji gets embarassed over stupid things, drink a shot..

Every time Asuka says anything in German, drink a shot.

Every time Rei says ANYTHING, drink a shot.

Every time Asuka says 'Anta Baka', drink two shots.

Every time Rei says 'Hai', drink two shots.

Whenever anyone mentions an AT field (excluding OP segment), drink a shot.

Whenever a N2 mine is used, drink three shots.

Whenever Misato drinks a can of beer, drink a can of beer.

Whenever anyone mentions the possiblity of Misato and Shinji sleeping together (Misato & Shinji included), drink two shots.

Whenever Kaji hits on Misato, drink a shot.

Whenever Kaji hits on anyone else, drink two shots.

If people eat Misato's food and LIKE it, chug.

If Pen Pen appears in an episode, 1 drink.

Everytime poor Shinji's tormented by flashbacks of being left by his father, chug. (Just 'cause it's so sad. ;_;)

Whenever Shinji wakes up in the hospital, take three drinks. (Happens 6 times I think)

Every time they show that 5:00 minute counter thing, drink one shot.

Every time you laugh at such a powerful machine needing an extension cord, drink one shot. (and would they need a converter if fighting angels in europe?)

Every time Asuka PURPOSELY says anything to embarass Shinji, drink one shot.

Every time Shinji says "I must not run away", drink a shot (to bolster yourcourage)

Every time Shinji's friends say something about Misato being a babe, drink one shot.

Every time you try to figure out why Unit 00 is blue and white all of a sudden, drink one shot.

When Gendo says something pessimistic about the future of mankind, take a big drink to drown your sorrows.

When you start to think that Rei has one hell of a martyr complex, do a few shots.

Every time someone mentions the second impact, drink one shot.

Every time the dead sea scrolls are mentioned, drink one shot.

Whenever they show that bridge thingie in the geo-front, drink one shot.

Whenever they show NERV headquarters from outside, drink one shot.

Whenever Touji mentions Shinji and Asuka being "newly weds", drink one shot.

Whenever someone other than Touji mentions Shinji and Asuka being "newly weds", drink two shots.

Whenever Pen Pen does something funny, drink one shot.

Blue Seed

Whenever you see Momiji's panties, drink 2 shots.

Whenever Sakura says something in English, drink a shot. (subtitled version)

Always have a beer (or root beer) during the "Omaki Theater" at the end of each video.

Every time Kusanagi saves Momiji, drink one shot

Every time an Aragami says "Kushinada", drink two shots

Every time Momiji starts blushing, drink one shot

Every time Murakumo says "Perfect" or "Imperfect", drink.

If you see Kaede or Momiji in a scene with Cherry Blossoms, drink.

Vampire Princess Miyu

Whenever you try to figure out the the true spelling/pronouciation of Larva's name (Larava, "Lover",oops, don't wanna get into that),drink some wine to clear your head.

Whenever a boy that Miyu likes gets killed/sacrificed/and or seduced by a Shinma,drink 1/8 of a shot(don't wanna get TOO drunk, now ^_~')

Whenever Spritualist Himiko calls Miyu a "monster" drink a shot

Whenever Miyu changes schools, empty a bottle, two bottles if Himiko goes to that school, trying to get information on Miyu

Drink some Vodka whenever Miyu trys to give someone eternal life, but fails miserably

Drink 10 cans of beer whenever you see Larva without his mask on (like, once every 2 episodes..?) (it's 10 cups of water for me!)

I want more.. MORE!