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Anime: TDG

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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Blue Seed
Vampire Princess

Dagger of Kamui
Sailor Moon
3x3 Eyes
Project A-ko
Dominion Tank

Tenchi Muyo!
Devil Hunter

Dragon Ball Z
Ghost in the

Bubblegum Crisis
Porco Rosso

Urusei Yatsura
Orange Road

The Vision of Escaflowne
Macross Plus


Anime, the Drinking Game!

[Dagger of Kamui]-[Slayers]-[Moon]-[3x3 Eyes]-[Project A-Ko]-[Dominion Tank Police]

Dagger of Kamui

Whenever someone realated to Jiro dies, drink a shot.

Whenever you see someone who couldn't posibly know Japanese, speeking it fluently (ie. cowboys, Indians... er... Native Americans, Mark Twain, and so on.) drink a shot.

Whenever someone dies and cries, "Jiiiiiiroooo!" drink a shot (this is addition to the one for relitives.)

Whenever someone bleeds fireworks, drink 2 shots.

Every time you have to pause the tape to go to the bathroom, drink a shot. (it IS well over 2 hours long)


Whenever anyone eats, drink a shot

Whenever Gourry dosen't get it, drink a shot ( Two shots if he then makes a wise crack about Lina's bust. Three if she then whacks him one)

Whenever Zelgadis crosses his arms, drink a shot. In short, drink a shot whenever you see Zel.

Whenever all the guys have to get in drag, drink a shot. Two if they enjoy it

Whenever Amelia gives her little Miss Justice Speech drink a shot (if she falls on her face from a high place afterwards drink 2)

Drink a shot everytime Zelos shakes his finger

Drink a shot and run out of the room everytime Naga laughs (You'll get lots of exercise too! Just watch out for walls when you're running away OK?)

Every time Lina asks Gourry for the sword of Light take two shots

Whenever you think, "This is just like Dungeons and Dragons," drink a shot.

Whenever somebody calls Lina "weird", drink one shot, two if she hits them, and three if she casts a spell

Anytime ANYONE makes a crack about Lina's bust, take 1/4 of a shot (wouldn't want to get drunk would we?)

Anytime you see ten Nagas, drink two six packs and pass out on the floor

Whenever Amelia (dub name) starts jumping around, take one drink per successful jump.

Whenever Lina starts going treasure-crazy, two drinks.

If the heroes ever lose a battle or give up halfway through a meal , chug.

Sailor Moon


Whenever a Sailor Senshi/Scout transforms, drink a shot.

Whenever you see the "Monster of the Day", drink a shot, (two shots if it's male).

Whenever Tuxedo Mask/Kamen throws a rose, drink a shot.

Whenever someone who knows Serena/Usagi doesn't recgonize she's Sailor Moon, despite the obvious hair doo, drink 3 shots.

How about whenever Usagi-chan panics/freaks and her odango pop off her head? I say 2 shots..

Whenever someone says "Sailor (moon, mercury, mars, ect)" take a sip.

Any time Usagi says Mamo-chan, take a sip.

Whenver you go crazy trying to figure out what sex the Sailor Starlights are, drink a keg to clear your head.

Whenever a guy with two earrings attacks the scouts/senshi drink a shot.

In SuperS drink a shot whenever Pegasus appears!

Whenever the Scouts/Senshi face a powerful enemy, so powerful that they have to combine their powers to beat the enemy,drink a whole bottle!

When you see any one having sex, get up and check the label on the tape.

DiC Version

Everytime you see a cheap coverup of nudity, drink a shot

Whenever you see people eating Japanese food, but calling it some kind of American food that it looks nothing like, drink 2 shots.

Whenever the evil "Prince Darian" doesn't recognize the name "Darian" chug tabasko.

Whenever Mevin's voice get's on your nerves, drink a pint of something over 100 proof, you'll need it.

Whenever you wonder why Molly sounds like she's from NYC but lives in Japan, drink a shot.

Whenever you begin to LIKE the sound of Catsie's voice, STOP DRINKING!!! YOU'VE HAD TO MUCH!!!

Everytime you see those damn little white rabbit head thingys, take a shot

Take a shot everytime DiC did a horrible job of editing

Everytime Tuxedo Mask gives some cheezy advice, and then does nothing to help the Senshi.. take a shot

Drink a shot whenever Serena says Wicked Cool!

Everytime Melvin (Umino) says "Hidey-Ho!!", down a bottle,then throw it at the screen to shut Melvin up!!

Whenever you see something in the preview, and it's not in the episode, drink a shot, then go out and buy yourself some fansubs!

Original or Fansub

Anytime Haruka is mistaken for a boy, drink a shot.

Anytime Rei slaps Usagi, drink a shot.

Whenever ChibiChibi says "Chibi Chibi" drink a shot.

Whenever ChibiChibi repeats what someone else just said, drink two shots.

Whenever you chukle at Sailor Star Maker's attack "Star Gentle Uterus" drink a shot.

Whenever Mamoru loses his memory or gets brain washed, drink a beer (root beer for me).

3x3 Eyes

Whenever Pai shows her 3rd eye, drink a shot.

Whenever Yakumo dies (or SHOULD die), drink a shot.

Whenever Ling Ling kicks some major butt, drink a beer (or root beer).

Whenever you hear Yakumo yell out "Pai!!", take two shots

Whenever you see Yakumo get impaled, take a shot, two if he coughs up blood

Project A-ko

Every time Mrs' Ayumi doesn't notice something happening around her drink a shot

Every time B-ko shows off a suit or mecha drink two shots

Every time C-ko whines or starts crying drink a shot

Dominion Tank Police

Every time someone mentions the bacterial cloud, drink one shot

Every time the bio-ball starts choking Leonna at an inopprotune time, drink one shot

Every time Leonna acts like she's going out with Bonapart (her tank), drink one shot

Every time you wonder what the deal with that "Innocent" painting is, drink one shot

Whenever you get confused over what the hell that fairy girl is, drink one shot

Whenever a building explodes, drink one shot.

Whenever one of the puma sisters finish the other one's sentence, drink one shot.

Help! I cannot stop!