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Anime: TDG

El Hazard
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Blue Seed
Vampire Princess

Dagger of Kamui
Sailor Moon
3x3 Eyes
Project A-ko
Dominion Tank

Tenchi Muyo!
Devil Hunter
Dragon Ball Z
Ghost in the
Porco Rosso
Maison Ikkoku

Urusei Yatsura
Orange Road

The Vision of Escaflowne
Macross Plus


Anime, the Drinking Game!

[Tenchi Muyo!]-[Devil Hunter Yohko]-[Dragon Ball Z]-[Ghost in the Shell]-[Bubblegum Crisis]-[Porco Rosso]

Tenchi Muyo!

Everytime Washu comes in to explain something confusing, drink a shot

Everytime Sasami says "onisama/onichan" to people who arn't even her brother or sister, drink a

Everytime Ryoko and Ayeka fight, drink a shot

Everytime Ryoko tries to get the magical tenchi sword back, drink a shot

Everytime Ryoko stops to fix her hair, drink a shot

Everytime Mihoshi says something stupid and pointless, drink a shot

Everytime Ayeka calls Tenchi's parents HER parents, drink a shot

Everytime you think to yourself "Why was Ayeka going to marry her brother?", drink a shot

Any time you see Ryoko naked, take a shot.

When Tenchi breakes out into a sweat, take a shot.

When ever Tenchi's Grandpa kicks someone's ass take two shots (just because it's so cool!!)

Everytime Washu-chan becomes Washu, chug.

One drink whenever Tenchi's father tries to peek at anyone.

One drink whenever there is a villian the Galaxy Police _can't_ deal with!

If Aeka doesn't scream within the duration of an episode, chug.

If Sasami is anything but cute, chug.

If Ryo-ohki does NOT eat a carrot for the whole episode, chug.

If Tenchi's mother is mentioned, 2 drinks.

If Ryoko and Washu say anything about being mother and daughter, 2 drinks.

Devil Hunter Yohko

Whenever Yohko transforms, drink a shot.

Whenever Azuza transforms, drink two shots.

Whenever Yohko get's her dress torn, drink a shot. Two if it reveals her breasts.

Whenever Yohko thinks about losing her virginity, drink a shot.

Whenever Yohko gives a long speech, chug for the length of the speech.

Whenever Yohko's grandma fakes her death, drink a shot

Whenever Osamu is called immature, drink a shot

Dragon Ball Z

Every time someone in dbz dies, drink a shot....

Every time someone in dbz comes back to life, drink a shot

Every time you watch a whole dbz tape where no one dies, go strait to getting drunk

Every time a villain sneers, drink 2 shots

Every time Vegeta hits Trunks, drink 2 shots

Every time Piccolo rescues Gohan, empty a bottle

FUNimation Version

Any time you hear the words "another dimension", chug some vodka

Whenever you see somebody check somebody's power level, take a shot

Ghost in the Shell

Whenever you see Mamoru Oshii's pet basset hound Gabriel (aka "Gabu-chan"), drink 3 shots.

If you even know what I'm talking about, drink a shot RIGHT NOW!

Whenever people stand perfectly still, moving only their lips, for a long period of time, and discuse the philisophical consept of the self, drink 2 shots.

Whenever Major Kusanagi turns invisible, drink a shot.

Whenever the movie quotes the Bible, drink a shot and say 2 "Our Father"s.

Whenever someone says "2501" drink a shot.

Bubblegum Crisis

Drink a beer, if you think Priss looks hotter without that stupid blonde wig.

Drink a shot everytime Leon fires his Earthshaker Revolver.

Drink a shot everytime Nene acts completely useless in combat. Drink three shots, if she actually does something useful in combat. Drink the whole damn beer if she saves someone's butt in combat!

Drink a shot everytime a boomer brutally frags a member of the AD Police.

Drink two shots everytime Mackie tries to catch a peek at one of the Knight Sabers naked. Drink three if he tries to take a peek at his sister Sylvia!

Drink a shot everytime Priss complains or bad-mouths about Boomers.

Porco Rosso

Whenever anyone comments on Marco being a pig, drink a shot.

Whenever anyone shoots down a biplane, drink a shot.

Whenever Marco's biplane is shot down, drink the bottle.

Whenever Marco suggests something about 'Women should keep their place,' drink 2 shots.

Whenever Curtis mentions his homeland, drink a shot.

Whenever Curtis hits on someone, drink 1/2 a shot.

Whenever Curtis proposes to anyone, drink a toast to his future.

When you work out how Marco got to be a pig, drink half a bottle in congratulations!

Maison Ikkoku

Mmmmmm..... Something...