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Anime: TDG

El Hazard
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Blue Seed
Vampire Princess

Dagger of Kamui
Sailor Moon
3x3 Eyes
Project A-ko
Dominion Tank

Tenchi Muyo!
Devil Hunter

Dragon Ball Z
Ghost in the

Bubblegum Crisis
Porco Rosso

Urusei Yatsura
The Vision of Escaflowne
Macross Plus


Anime, the Drinking Game!

[Ranma ]-[Urusei Yatsura]-[Kimagure Orange Road]-[Akira]-[The Vision of Escaflowne]-[Macross Plus]-[DNA^2]


Whenever Akane is called uncute, drink a shot

Whenever Happosai or Ranma is called a hentai, drink a shot

Everytime Happosai gropes Ranma, drink a shot

Everytime Happosai says "What a haul!", drink a shot

Everytime Mousse pulls a weapon out from his clothes, drink a shot

Everytime a Ranma character changes form, drink a shot

Whenever Shampoo doesn't use proper grammer, drink a shot

Everytime Ranma runs/walks on top a fence, drink a shot

Whenever you hear the word 'baka' drink a shot

Everytime Kasumi cooks something, drink a shot

If you ever see Kasumi without an apron, drink a 3 shots

If you ever see Ryoga as P-Chan "try to get fresh" with Akane, drink a shot

Whenever Genma holds up a sign, drink 1/2 a shot.

Whenever Shampoo speeks Chinese (Nihao, Wo ai ni, etc.) drink a shot.

Whenever Kuno speeks of the "Pig-tailed goddes" drink a shot.

Everytime Kasumi says "Oh my!" (dubbed version), drink a shot.

Every time Ranma gets hit in the head by Akane, drink one shot (two if it's a mallet, 3 if Shampoo lands on his head with her bike).

Every time Ryoga starts thinking about Akane, goes into a dream sequence, and wakes up shouting something embarassing just as Akane walks by, drink two shots.

If Kodachi laughs, drink a shot.

If Kodachi throws flowers, drink a shot.

If Tusbasa is NOT wearing a dress, chug.

If a whole episode with Ukyou goes by withOUT any okonomiyaki, chug.

If Genma has an image of Nodoka WITHOUT including an image of her with a sword forcing them to commit seppeku...chug.

If Ranma or Akane tells the other they love each other without any magical interlude, chug.

If the old washer woman doesn't appear in the episode, 2 drinks.

Everytime Gosunkugi uses his camera drink a shot.

Everytime Azusa goes on one of her "kawaii" routines drink a shot.

Everytime Kuno Tatewaki just doesn't get it drink a shot.

Every time you see a hot water kettle, drink one shot.

Every time you see someone doing Martial arts moves that defy the natural laws of physics, drink one shot.

Urusei Yatsura

Everytime Shinobu picks up something that weighs more than she does, drink a shot

Everytime Mendo whips out the katana, drink a shot

Everytime Lum says "Darling" or Ataru gets fried, drinks a shot

If Lum says " Darling!" and then fries Ataru, drink two shots

Kimagure Orange Road

Every time Kyosuke convinces Madoka that he's not leading Hikaru on, drink a shot.

Every time Madoka, Kyosuke, or Hikaru drink, do likewise.


Everytime Kaneda screams "Teeetsuuooo!!!" drink a shot

Every time you think "What the _hell_ does that mean?", drink a shot (chug for the entire end sequence).

When you see or hear somthing blow-up, drink a shot

When you see Kanada get on his bike, drink a shot

When you see a huge riot, drink 2 shots

When you absolutely do not know what the hell is going on or you are totally freaked-out by things, chug a 6-pack of beer

Each time you see Tetsuo kick the crap out of the Tokyo army, take 2 shots

Each time someone mentions about Akira, chug one beer

The Vision of Escaflowne

Every time Merle says "Van sama" take a shot

Every time Hitomi mistakes Allen for Amano Senpai take 2 shots

Every time Merle gets mad at Hitomi take 2 shots

Every time Escaflowne turns into a dragon take a shot

Every time Dilandou acts like he needs be in a room with padded walls take a shot, 2 if he gets beat down shortly after.

Each time Van or Escaflowne draws his sword, throw one back.

Each time Dornkirk or Falken talks about the Destiny-Altering Device, take 2 shots.

Each time a city is burned to the ground, take 3 shots.

Macross Plus

Whenever Isamu has a verbal argument with Guld, drink a shot.

Whenever Isamu crashes his plane/sim, drink a shot.

Whenever Myung contemplates her career choice (i.e., claims that she hasn't reached her dreams but the others have), drink 2 shots.

Whenever anyone says, "Sharon Apple's the Best!", or something to that effect, drink a shot.

Whenever Guld says "Haven't you done enough?" to Isamu, drink 2 shots.

Whenever someone says 'Prudent', drink a shot. When Isamu says it, drink 2 shots.

Whenever Jaunn Newman groans, drink a shot. If it's not about the YF-19, drink 3 shots.


Whenever Karin talks about her "sweet-sweet" home, take a shot.

Whenver Ryuji takes or talks about DNA take two shots.

Whenever Ami acts very calm around Karin who is floating in the air or doing something very futuristic, shake your head and down the rest of the bottle.