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Updates and News - Anime, the Drinking Game!

New News as of [6-15-97]
[5-10] That groovy guy known as Lunaboy is back again with contributions to Ranma , Evangelion, and Dominion Tank Police. Groovy!
[4-21] That cool guy named Merejez is back with some Slayers contributions! Thanks!
[4-13] Hmm.. I wonder why nobody is making contributions? ;_; Anyways, one nice fellow, Michael H. was nice enough to give me a contribution to the General section. Thanks!
[3-20] Hunter-Warrior is back again with contributions to the Blue Seed and Evangelion sections, and Merejez contributed to Ranma , yay!
[3-10] Wow, SailorM is back AGAIN with the brand spankin new Vampire Princess Miyu section! Thanks to SailorM for all your support and contributions!
[3-9] Hmm, exactly a day since I updated last ^_-. Well, this time SailorM is back with some more contributions to General, Sailor Moon, and Devil Hunter Yohko sections. I also redid the Drink Button (located on the left of all the pages), so feel free to link to me via that button!
[3-8] Hmm, exactly a month since I updated last ^_-. Oh well, Hunter-Warrior added some stuff to El-Hazard section.
[2-8] Lunaboy contributed to Evangelion and thanks to him we now have a new Dominion Tank Police section. Also, got rid of the Siteflow counter, and got a new LinKo (Link Korea) counter. Hopefully it will work better than Siteflow. =)
[1-24] Updated Ranma , Tenchi Muyo! , and Evangelion sections thanks to Jayni Thompson. Also, Andrew Dederer also contributed to Evangelion.
[1-16] SailorM and Travis Allen contributed to Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo! sections respectively. I have also moved the date for Win Free Stuff Contest back a little to get time for more participants to get their entry in.
[12-22] Nick Marchese Jr. contributed to the General section. Plus, some minor updates.
[12-16] Added to Sailor Moon section thanks to Animeg
[12-8] Slowly gettin more contributions! Yay! Added to Vision of Escaflowne section thanks to Chris Amis!
[12-5] Added DNA^2 section thanks to Nereo Lopez, and still waiting for more people to enter in the WIN FREE STUFF CONTEST!
[11-27] Wait, and ye shall receive! Here we go! *inhale* Added Links, and most importantly The First Annual WIN FREE STUFF Contest! Also, added to Tenchi Muyo! section thanks to Ryoko and Sailor Moon thanks to Lunaboy. Was it worth the wait?
[10-29] Updated a bit more, and Siteflow's counter is being dumb, so I took it offline temporarily. Added to Ranma thanks to Andrew.
[10-28] Well, updated some of the webring stuff, and attempted to tweak the page to make it load up better. Sorry updates are so infrequent, but thats school for ya.. *sigh*
[10-19] Hmm, over a month since last documented update >_<; Oh well, I made a new logo that kinda wants to look like the Windows 95 logo.. oh well, guess not.
[9-12] Sorry not many updates lately, busy with school and stuff. New Sailor Moon stuff added thanks to Ryoko
[8-21] We are now the proud home of Guyver, the Drinking Game! contributed by scrofula1!
[8-16] Err, I *thought* I had a Project A-ko section already, but I guess now, oh well.. Added Project A-Ko section thanks to Chris Franco
[8-13] Updated some stuff, changed some pics, tried to make loading time of index page a bit faster.. just some minor updates..
[8-11 Added Macross Plus and Porco Rosso thanks to Alex Van Vucht, also redid and readded forms page
[8-1] 1000 hits!
[7-30] I updated most of the pages, and made pretty tables in Contributor section! Check it out!
[7-27] I have added to Sailormoon, thanks to Alyssa, and did a little revising, got rid of FORMS page and SUPPORT page, more soon!
[7-22] Well, I have added to Slayers, 3x3 Eyes, General, and DragonBall sections thanks to Juranian Guardinan, and am also planning another revision.
[7-16] Im back with a new computer! That is why no updates have been taking place, sorry bout that. Well, my pent 120 is MUCH BETTER than my pent 75! woohoo! Added to Blue Seed and DBZ section, also added Bubblegum Crisis section!
[7-1] Well, thanks to dOOT, new Escaflowne section!
[6-27] Geez! Updated lots of stuff.. new Akira section in TDG, and new Contributor section otherwise.. Thanks BigTone96 for all your support! =)
[6-26] After a LONG LONG time of not updating.. 5 DAYS!.. I finally implement the black table thing on the left of the pages.. I wanna know what you think bout it! Feedback Feedback FEEDBACK!! Also, I will post all the new submissions I got too! Keep up the good work!
[6-21] This is great! I'm getting lots of email from you guys! The page keeps gettin bigger and BIGGER! oh well.. New Dagger of Kamui, Sailor Moon, Project Ako, and Devil Hunter Yohko sections.. all thanks to Watts Isnaim! Thanks!
[6-20] New Evangelion section in the Drinking Game! Thanks to Avery Davis and ZERO for contributing! Also, new Slayers and Urusei Yatsura section thanks to Tichar!
[6-19] New! Star Trek look on the drinking game page. Weird eh? Also.. New pic! Just go to SUPPORT page find out how to support me! Its not that hard!
[6-17] Joined 3 Webrings! whee!
[6-15] I have updated and basically redone the whole page! Expect more pictures, and more cool stuff from yours truly! New form for easier submission!